Library Day is Cascadilla’s annual event where students take the 5-minute trek to Cornell University’s main libraries for a guided tour of the facilities followed by a hands-on training in research methods, database use, and more. It’s a student favorite!

The Cornell University Library, one of the top-ten academic research libraries in North America, is but a five to ten minute walk from the School’s grounds. In its nineteen individual libraries, Cornell houses millions of books and thousands of journals. The Rare and Manuscript Collections alone include 400,000 rare books, over 7 million historic manuscripts, and over one million photographs, paintings, and prints. While high school students who need to complete a serious research project must plan a special trip to a major library, Cascadilla students have at their fingertips every day at Cornell over 8 million books, 65,000 journals, magazines, and newspapers, and over 100,000 digital resources, including subscription-only databases, electronic journals, and e-books. All Cascadilla students learn how to use the Cornell Libraries.